Web Animation Essentials: CSS Animations and Transitions

Master CSS Animations and Transitions quickly... with cats!

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At a time when UI animation and motion design are more important than ever to building delightful web experiences, CSS Animations and Transitions are invaluable tools in your front end development tool chest. In this online course you will learn to:

  • Master CSS Animations and Transitions
  • Create performant animations
  • Sequence animations with JavaScript
  • Animate spritesheets with only a few lines of CSS
  • Create your own custom timing functions
  • Troubleshoot animations and their performance with the latest browser tools
  • Use cutting edge dev tools to inspect and tweak animations and transitions

This course is suitable for aspiring and established designers and developers alike who have some familiarity with CSS and jQuery (or JavaScript). The curriculum lives online for you to access forever, and all exercises are conveniently provided on CodePen.io–no repos to fork or environments to set up.

Join web animations expert Rachel Nabors on this essential and fun deep dive into the exciting world of CSS Animations and Transitions.

Your Instructor

Rachel Nabors
Rachel Nabors

I'm a web animation expert and consultant. I've given workshops at companies and conferences in eight different countries; write about web animations and UI animation for publications such as A List Apart, Net Mag, and Adobe Inspire; and keynote conferences including O’Reilly’s OSCON. I love the web animation community and advocate for it as an invited expert at the W3C.

If you'd like to get more involved, check out my newsletter WebAnimationWeekly.com and join us at the Animation at Work Slack community . You can also find me on Twitter and at rachelnabors.com.

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