Meet CSS Transitions

A transition describes how a property should display change when given a different value. You need two ingredients to make a transition: property & duration. They looks like this:

transition: color 2s;

Or in long form:

transition-property: color;
transition-duration: 2s;

Anatomy of a transition

  • transition-property the property you want to transition. Only some properties are transitionable.
  • transition-duration in seconds or milliseconds: 4s or 4000ms
  • transition-timing-function “cushioning" for the transition, optional: defaults to ease
  • transition-delay the number of milli/seconds to delay the transition before firing it, optional

The delay is always the second time measurement:

transition: color 2s 100ms;

Here 100ms is the delay.

Exercise: Rolling a Ball

(Keep this exercise open in a new tab for later! Use the "edit on codepen" option.)

See the Pen DIY Rolling a Ball with Transitions by Rachel Nabors, Teaching (@rachelnabors-teaching) on CodePen.


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